Walmart launches drone delivery in Utah

From the time the customer orders the product on the website to the delivery to their house is 30 minutes. So it’s a very fast and efficient way of getting the product,” Anthony Vittone, DroneUp chief operating officer, told Axios.

Drone package delivery takes flight at select Utah Walmart stores

A new package delivery method has taken flight in Utah with two Walmart stores announcing product delivery via drone.

This tech is keeping public events safe

Timothy Bean, CEO of Utah-based Fortem Technologies, takes a special interest in this topic. “Drones are here to stay. Drones do a lot of good things. . .”

Zipline's drones to deliver medicine in Salt Lake City area

Zipline, a drone delivery and logistics company that got its start delivering medical supplies in Africa, has started dropping prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to homes in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Zipline drone delivery of prescriptions, other medicines launches in Salt Lake City

Leading instant logistics company Zipline is launching drone delivery of prescriptions and other medicines to the households of Intermountain Healthcare patients across Salt Lake City – an anticipated rollout that will eventually be capable of serving over a million people in Utah.

Drone Delivery in Utah: Zipline and Intermountain Healthcare Launch Program

The Utah delivery system will expand over the course of the next five years, eventually becoming capable of servicing over 1 million people.

‘The future is here’: Intermountain launches drone delivery service, first of its kind in the West

Using a couple of taps on your smartphone to deploy a computer-controlled electric aircraft to whisk through the sky and drop needed supplies in your front yard is no longer a distant sci-fi fantasy.


Medicine dropping from the sky? Drone deliveries begin in Utah

Fixed-wing aircraft will drop parachutes at homes starting in South Jordan, with plans to expand to entire Salt Lake Valley.


Drone Startup Plans Drug Deliveries to Homes in Salt Lake City | Bloomberg Green

Zipline has signed an agreement with Intermountain Healthcare to drop medicine and other supplies in patients’ yards. 


Prescriptions to fall from Utah’s skies next year, with new drone deliveries | Salt Lake Tribune

The service will start in Salt Lake County in 2022, the company said.


Fortem set for SkyDone showcase at Industry Day on the Hill | Commercial Drone Professional

Team members of Utah-based Fortem Technologies and officials from the state-funded, non-profit organization, Deseret UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are on hand at the Utah State Capitol for Industry Day on the Hill.


Invasion of the drones: No longer a ‘Jetsons’-esque fantasy, Utah is on the leading edge | Deseret News

Utah is well-positioned to not only be among the leaders of the drone revolution but also bear expansive economic benefits as the new industry takes off.



Deseret UAS to Showcase Technologies at AUVSI Xponential | GPS World

Deseret UAS unveils premier test facilities and technologies from Utah-based companies.

Flying cars: A Jetsonian reality coming to Utah | Utah Policy

The future of transportation is autonomous. Self-driving vehicles and unmanned air taxis have the potential to create a world in which the computer is literally in the driver’s seat. Flying vehicles may sound like a Jetsonian, “pie in the sky” concept, but it’s a reality that’s coming to Utah within the coming decade.